Years of Experience in Accounting and Tax Preparation

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Our multi-generational firm is unique in that we specialize in multi-generational relationships. We feel fortunate that as a result of doing business in the region for forty-plus years, we have had the opportunity to meet and form lasting working relationships with local Mainers, their children, and sometimes their children’s children.

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We have enjoyed helping local business owners and individuals navigate through the challenges of business planning, retirement planning, tax filing, and the settling of impending issues that arise with the Internal Revenue Service and Multi-State Revenue departments. While our experience in these matters is vast given our years in service we also remain current with ever-changing rules, regulations and trends that permeate the world of tax and financial planning.

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Our staff ranges from a senior partner with corporate and personal tax experience at an International firm to junior partners with backgrounds working in tax preparation, audit, compliance, and estate planning with local New England firms. Please visit the remainder of our site for details of services provided and contact information.